Area 73 Committee Information
(see Area 73 Handbook for complete details)

Attends the annual General Service Conference as the representative from Area 73 and reports back on the proceedings to the various districts.  Facilitates the flow of information between the area and the General Service Office and helps to solve any local problems involving the A.A. Traditions.  Email

Works closely with the Area Delegate in order to step in if the Delegate cannot attend the Conference.  Helps in the dissemination of information from the General Service Office and the General Service Conference.  Serves as the 800 phone service contact for the area, maintaining a current list of volunteers from the various districts willing to talk to other alcoholics. Email

Works with the Area Committee and DCM’s ensuring that the business of Area 73 is carried out in such a way to continue to carry the message to the Alcoholic that still suffers. Responsible for the smooth running of area assemblies and helps keep the Delegate informed about what’s going on in the area. Email

Communicates with each newly elected DCM and committee chair to make certain there is an understanding of their duties in their new positions, including but not limited to how to submit motions and reports. Chairs the Special Needs Committee. Email

Maintains financial records for the area and sits on the Budget and Finance Standing Committee. Notifies the Area Chair, Committee and Assembly by reporting contributions, budget and expenses. Email Mail contributions to:  WV Area 73 Committee, PO POX 163, Danville WV 25053.


The Recording Secretary is a clearing house of Area 73 information including the Area 73 Handbook, Past Assembly Actions, Duties of other Committee members and Service materials available from the General Service Office. Responsible for taking and sharing the area assembly minutes with area officers and committee members. Email

Corresponding Secretary assists Area Chair with correspondence and notices to the area officers and committee members.  As the Area Registrar, they maintain records of all groups in the area as well as the names and contact information for G.S.R.s, D.C.M.s, district and area offices and area committee members. Email

Responsible for sharing information about the A.A. program with professional groups and individuals who have contact with alcoholics to facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation between A.A. and professionals. Email:

Facilitates a better understanding – and helps prevent misunderstandings – by sharing about the A.A. program through public media, electronic media, P.I. meetings and speaking to community groups. Email:

Facilitates carrying the message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities and other non-correctional institutions.  Also, helps “bridge the gap” for individuals coming into A.A. from treatment and other institutions. Email

Helps keep the area informed about recovery literature and other media available through and the Grapevine.  Makes sure the current A.A. Service Manual is available at Area 73 functions. Email:

Responsible for the Area 73 website including the posting of meeting and event information. Ensures that content follows A.A. guidelines and traditions. Email:

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