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What is A.A.?

AA is a fellowship of people who have decided to do something about their drinking.  AA members help others achieve sobriety by sharing their experience in sobriety at AA meetings.

Hear how AA made the difference in this person's recovery:

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Attending AA Meetings

AA membership is available to anybody who wants to do something about their drinking problem.  There are no attendance or membership fees. There are no age, education, or religious requirements. 


AA membership is available to all who want to recover.  Simply find meetings online and show up a little before the scheduled start time.

Things to consider

  • Anybody who wants to overcome their drinking problem may attend.

  • AA membership is anonymous, while you may be asked, you don't have to give your name.

  • Newcomers are often asked to share during the meeting, but it is ok to pass if you are not comfortable talking.

  • Most meetings "pass a basket" for contributions, but contributions are entirely voluntary.  It is ok to wait to see if AA is for you before deciding to support your group financially.

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Some people say AA members "come from Yale to Jail;" that we are people who "would not normally mix."  Both are true.  In general we are people from all walks-of-life who have admitted we cannot control our alcohol consumption and who have found a common path to happy, productive lives.

We are not against alcohol, we have no agenda for political reform or legislation. 


We affiliate with no groups, organizations or religious organizations. 


We do not recruit members, but welcome all who want to attend.

We do not require conformity to any practices or beliefs.


We simply share our experience with our alcohol problem and explain how we have recovered. 


Our own sobriety depends on helping others to recovery.

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