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Contact A.A. in West Virginia:

Area 73 is composed of committees responsible for various service areas throughout West Virginia.  The following list provides descriptions and contact information for each.  Click the email link corresponding to the service area that may help you the best.

Accessibilities and Treatment

Facilitates A.A. meetings inside treatment facilities and other non-correctional institutions. Helps administrators and staff understand A.A. traditions, including that of anonymity.  Also "bridges the gap" for individuals coming into A.A. from these types of facilities.


Cooperation with the Professional Community:

Shares information about A.A. with professional groups and individuals who are in contact with alcoholics through their careers (eg: clergy, healthcare, and legal professionals) with the goal of facilitating understanding and cooperation between professionals, professional organizations, and A.A.



Corrections committee members carry the A.A. message to the confined alcoholic who wants to live sober, one day at a time. A.A. members working with corrections personnel, help reach alcoholics who might otherwise never find the A.A. program.


Grapevine & Literature

Helps keep the area informed about recovery literature and other media available through and the Grapevine.  Makes sure the current A.A. Service Manual is available at Area 73 functions.


Public Information:

Fosters broad understanding of our fellowship by sharing information about the A.A. program through broadcasting public service announcements on public & electronic media; coordinating  community P.I. meetings and participating in community events. 



Web Committee Chair

Responsible for the Area 73 website including posting of events and meetings.  Ensures the website is maintained in accordance with the Area 73 Guidelines for the Web Committee and A.A. traditions.


Area Chairperson

Works with the Area Committee and DCMs ensuring the business of Area 73 is carried out in such a way to continue to carry the message to the Alcoholic that still suffers. Chairs the assembly, announcing the business at-hand, and maintains order throughout the meeting.


Alternate Area Chair

Communicates with newly elected DCMs and committee chairs to ensure understanding of duties, including how to submit motions and reports.  Chairs the Special Needs committee.


Area Treasurer

Maintains financial records for the area and sits on the Budget and Finance Standing Committee.  Notifies the Area Chair, Committee and Assembly by reporting income and expenses. 



Assists Area Chair with correspondence and notices to the area committee.  Maintains records of all groups in the area as well as the names and contact information of GSRs, DCMs, and other area committee members.



Represents Area 73 at the General Service Conference and reports on the proceedings throughout Area 73.  Facilitates the flow of information between the area and the General Service Office and helps solve local problems of A.A. tradition.


Alternate Delegate

Works closely with the Area Delegate and is prepared to fill the Delegate position when circumstance warrant.  Aids in dissemination of information from the General Service Office and the General Service Conference.  Serves as the 800 phone service contact for the area, maintaining a current list of volunteers willing to talk to those calling the 800 number in need of help.


Recording Secretary

Recording secretary is the clearing house of Area 73 information including the Area 73 Handbook, past assembly actions, and service materials available from the General Service Office.  Responsible for taking and disseminating the minutes of area assemblies.


If you are unsure of which committee to contact, please fill out the form below and it will be routed to appropriate personnel


Thank you for contacting AA Area 73. Someone will respond ASAP. If you need immediate assistance, please call 800-333-5051.

For immediate assistance, please call 800-333-5051.

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