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Corrections Committee

Judge Gavel


Corrections committee members carry the A.A. message to the confined alcoholic who wants to live sober, one day at a time. A.A. members working with corrections personnel, help reach alcoholics who might otherwise never find the A.A. program.


An active corrections committee is a vital link to prisons and jails, providing professionals and other workers in correctional facilities with information about A.A., literature, and guidelines for setting up A.A. groups on the inside.

A.A. in correctional

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A.A. members and groups carry a message of hope to those who are in custody.

Additional Resources


For correctional professionals who deal with alcoholics, this pamphlet offers information about what A.A. is and can do and how groups function in a correctional facility.


This service links A.A. members who are incarcerated with A.A. members on the outside so that both can share their experience, strength, and hope with each other.


Experience based on the functioning of A.A. groups in prisons, with institutional opinions recommending A.A. as a helpful ally.


Basic information on A.A. both for those who think they may have a drinking problem and for those who come in contact with them.


Understanding Anonymity explains clearly what anonymity means within and outside of A.A.

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